Pre-Advanced Placement Program

The “Pre-AP” academic programs offered at Mother Teresa are in English, Math and Science (biology) in Grades 10-12 that follow the Ontario Curriculum.  Where possible, pace of learning/assessment and additional enrichment content is incorporated into the courses. This is to better prepare students for the Grade 12 Pre -AP Courses  when students will need to manage the incorporation of the AP Exam material into the Ontario Curriculum within one semester of learning. The Pre-AP program’s objectives are to ensure that students possess the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in the Grade 12 4U courses and to demonstrate their knowledge on the AP Exams should they wish to write them.
Pre-AP Courses Offered at MTS
​ Grade 10 English
Grade 11 English
Grade 12 English
 Grade 10 Math
​ Grade 11 Math 
​Grade 12 Functions
Grade 12 Calculus
 Grade 10 Science 
 SNC2DA (Biology)
Grade 11 Biology
Grade 12 Biology

 Pre-AP Student Profile

  • Enjoys a challenge and can manage the stress of an added workload 
  • Demonstrates academic excellence in the chosen subject area (achieves over 80%)
  • Works well independently and in a group
  • Has a well-established work ethic and possesses the willingness to work hard 
  • Have an excellent attendance record
  • Is enthusiastic, self-directed and capable of handling the accelerated pace of learning
  • Demonstrates strong literacy and communication (verbal and written) skills 
  • Possesses resilience and self-advocacy skills 
  • Has a passion and curiosity for the subject of study
  • Demonstrates an intellectual curiosity over a broad range of interests

Students Planning on applying to the Pre-AP Program

It is recommended that you consult with the subject teacher in the areas you are interested in. Consider if you possess many of the attributes noted in the student profile?
Be prepared to pay the required program fees, complete the required application and submit the required documentation.
It is strongly recommended that students really consider whether they want or need Pre-AP courses when they apply. At times it may not be possible to alter a students timetable later due to timetable restrictions, should the student change their mind. 
As well, the school generally runs one section of a Pre-AP course, based on past demand. In this case, students may have conflicts with other optional courses where there are limited sections. A choice may be required between the Pre-AP course and another option. We ask that you keep this in mind. You would be contacted by the guidance department to discuss should this happen.