Student Council

2020-21 Student Council


Prime Minister


Katherine Hajjar (A)

Jessica Serratore (B)


Deputy Prime Minister


Juan Diaz (A)

Alexia Ielapi (A)

Thi Nguyen (B)


Minister of Catholicity


Nolan Forsythe (A)

Eric Hartman (B)


Minister of Health and Wellness


Myah Hagle (A)

Quinci Campbell (A)

Ella Seeley (B)


Minister of Finance


Madison Haggith (A)

Taurai Lockhart (B)

Mia Macdonald – Walden (A)


Green and White Spirit Club


Brianna Hopkins (A)

Tayler Nemeth (B)

Tia Nagle (B)


Minister of Sports and Recreation


Paige Evoy Smith (A)

Courtney Haggith (A)

Forbehndia Fossungu (A)


Minister of Communication


Justin Heffernan (A)

Aseel Al Farra (A)

Rhoderic Gillespie (A)

Hope Wilson (B)


Minister of Environment


Adele Kelly (A)

Maryellen Doyle (A)


French Immersion Representatives


Sydney Lawrence (B)

Madison Almeida (A)

Mattea Yanchula (A)