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Aboumitri, Khalil
French Immersion [email protected]
Aidoo, Kwame Teacher Social Sciences/Humanities [email protected]
Alves Brandao, Bonnie Teacher Co-op [email protected]
Baker, Jessica Teacher Arts (Drama), English [email protected]
Atchinson, Andria Educational Assistant Learning Services [email protected]
Barbon, Jennifer Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Barbon, Linda Assistant Department Head French Immersion [email protected]
Beneteau, Janet Teacher Virtual High School [email protected]
Besner, Stephanie Teacher French Immersion, Family Studies, Religion [email protected]
Bialkowski, Tessa Educational Assistant Learning Services [email protected]
Bishop, Adam Department Head Canadian & World Studies/Social Sciences  [email protected]
Bourke, Patricia Guidance Counsellor Guidance [email protected]
Bray, Alison Chaplain Chaplaincy [email protected]
Bridgman, Ann Marie Guidance Counsellor Guidance [email protected]
Broadfoot, Steven Teacher Virtual High School [email protected]
Campbell, Angela Department Head Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Casavecchia, Anna Teacher Social Sciences [email protected]
Clayton, Christine Teacher Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Clayton, Tim Assistant Department Head/Athletics Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Corso, Jason Teacher Religion, Science  [email protected]
Cortese, Joe Teacher Religion [email protected]
Dababneh, Barham Department Head Mathematics [email protected]
Delaney, James Teacher Canadian & World Studies [email protected]
Depont, Vicki Teacher  School to Community Pathways [email protected]
Di Nucci, Lida Teacher Student Success [email protected]
D'Oria, Rob Department Head Religion  mailto:[email protected]
Domokos Biro, Andrea Teacher Mathematics, Science & Technology [email protected]
Drouillard, Derek  Teacher Learning Services [email protected]
Duewel, Kara Teacher Arts, ESL [email protected]
Dupuis, Lianne Librarian Library [email protected]
Ebdon, Leah Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Esposito, Michael Teacher Canadian & World Studies, Guidance/Career, Technology  [email protected]
Gardiner, Mike Teacher Technology (Transportation), Co-op  [email protected]
Gebczynski, Maciej Teacher French Immersion, Science  [email protected]
Ghasemiyani, Sam Custodian Building Services [email protected]
Gilson, Patrick Principal Administration [email protected]
Gould, Luisa Educational Assistant Learning Services [email protected]
Gregorio, Susan Teacher Science  [email protected]
Greulich, Joseph Teacher  Information and Computer Studies j[email protected]
Hickey, Al Department Head Guidance  [email protected]
Holditch, Brodey Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Hopkins, Rebecca Teacher Religion [email protected]
Israels, Natasja Teacher Science  [email protected]
Johnson, Laurie Custodian Building Services [email protected]
Koning, Marlene Educational Assistant Learning Services [email protected]
Kroczek, Anna Teacher French Immersion [email protected]
Kurowski, Alex Teacher Arts (Drama), English, Religion [email protected]
LaRocque, James Teacher Science [email protected]
Lepore, Amelia Teacher Humanities [email protected]
Lo Russo, Roberto Teacher Science and Technology [email protected]
Lopez Aranega, Ibis Student Support Admin Guidance [email protected]
Macdonald, Mary Kay Department Head Science and Technology [email protected]
MacNeil, Ed Teacher Virtual High School  [email protected]
MacQuarrie, Kari Teacher English, Religion [email protected]
Malito, Bryan Teacher Arts (Music), English [email protected]
Malone, Jennalynd Guidance Counsellor Guidance  [email protected]
Marinelli, Ann Department Head Arts (Visual Arts) [email protected]
Martins, Luis Charge Custodian Building Services [email protected]
Meginnis, Brandon Teacher Math [email protected]
McGuire, Sean Teacher English [email protected]
McIlhargey, Patrick Custodian Building Services [email protected]
McManus-Lee, Bessie Teacher Social Sciences/Humanities [email protected]
Michienzi, Sera Teacher French Immersion [email protected]
Montesi, Jason Teacher Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Mota, Lauri Communications Admin Main Office [email protected]
Murphy, Paul Teacher Canadian and World Studies [email protected]
Najmi, Kiran Education Assistant Learning Services [email protected]
O’Dea, Maureen Department Head French Immersion [email protected]
Olivastri, Nikki Teacher French Immersion [email protected]
O'Neill, Jennifer Vice-Principal Administration [email protected]
Palumbo, Rosa Teacher Science  [email protected]
Pearce, Lynn-Marie Department Head Learning Services [email protected]
Pelletier, Lindsay Student Data & Information  Main Office  [email protected]
Piccinin, Vanessa Teacher French Immersion [email protected]
Pluchowski, Krzysztof Teacher Technology (Construction) [email protected]
Pompilii, Lisa Office Supervisor Main Office [email protected]
Purificati, Paul Teacher The Arts [email protected]
Regan, Julie Social Worker Social Worker [email protected]
Rideout, Adam Teacher French Immersion [email protected]
Robinson, Steve Custodian Building Services [email protected]
Roche, John Teacher Computer Engineering & Technology [email protected]
Ruypers, John Teacher Canadian & World Studies, Guidance/Career Education, Religion [email protected]
Ruxton, Emily Teacher Mathematics & Science [email protected]
Ruypers, Josh Teacher English [email protected]
Salvador, Maria-Isabel Teacher Social Sciences [email protected]
Schapp, Francis Custodian Building Services [email protected]
Schned, Erin Teacher Religion [email protected]
Secord, David Teacher Business Studies, Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Serratore, Tracy Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Shaw, Jeff Teacher Business Studies [email protected]
Smith-Kelly, Anita Teacher International, ESL [email protected]
Tancredi, Vanessa Guidance Counsellor Guidance [email protected]
Vanalstine, Rob Custodian Building Services [email protected]
Vanderloop, Katherine Educational Assistant Learning Services [email protected]
VanderPloeg, Natalie Teacher Mathematics [email protected]
Variatzas, Chrisovalantis Teacher Mathematics, Science  [email protected]
Vieira, Rosemary Teacher English [email protected]
Wasyluk, Sarah Teacher English [email protected]